Welcome to Nordic by fäm – where minimalism meets magnificence, and architectural design redefines the way you live.
about us
We are a luxury real estate developer that redefines residential living in Dubai with the development of a new era of minimalist, bespoke freehold villas.
our mission
Our mission is to create homes that effortlessly fuse opulence and innovation, offering discerning clients a distinctive and elevated living experience.
brand conceptualization
Inspired by the seamless blend of functionality with aesthetics, the unspoken elegance of clean lines, and the profound sense of space and light in Norwegian architecture, the concept of Nordic by fäm was born.
design philosophy
Nordic by fäm: The Genesis Of A Vision

Introducing a new generation of luxury living to the Dubai Real Estate Market, Nordic by fäm is a brand that embodies the essence of Nordic design philosophy, reinterpreted through a lens of luxury that is both understated and profound. The villas under the Nordic by fäm brand are more than structures; they are a celebration of minimalistic elegance, refined taste and sophisticated comfort. Homes that are not just built, but carefully crafted for those who seek elegance in simplicity, who believe that true luxury lies in the understated and the authentic.
meet the team